GMO Photography, was started in 2015 by Grant Oosthuyzen, who was born with cerebral palsy and is in a wheel chair. He is unable to use his hands, so he does everything using only his feet and an assistant. He bought his first camera, to take photos around the house, but could not take the photo by himself. One day he was talking to his dad about how he could possibly take photos by himself, which then led them to start experimenting with different ideas. After many attempts, they managed to make a robot that you will see on the video.

To get back to GMO Photography, Grant started to take photos of animals and nature because he never believed he could take photos of people. In 2017, people started asking Grant to take photos of them. Despite been very nervous, Grant did a few shoots and found that he really enjoyed it. At the end of 2017, Grant went to the final of KZN Top Model where he met many model agencies and they were all interested in his work.

In 2018, Grant has been focusing on models and now currently does a lot of fashion shows and modeling competitions.

GMO photography also organizes photography days where Grant allows professional and hobbyists to come and photograph his models in theme dress. This day is really educational for everyone as we learn from each other and the models get to update their port folios. A win win all round.

In the beginning Grant took all the photos by himself, but he realized it wasn’t always possible to get the right angle. This became an issue with fashion shows, as he needs to take photos really fast, therefore he has the help of an assistant.

GMO Photography is about making memories and helping everyone to make their photographic dreams come true.