GMO Fabulous Show is about joining able body and disabled people together into one fashion show allowing the disabled to be in the spot light as models and allowing them to wear designer clothes. This fashion show will enable the disabled to have a feeling of how it is to be a model but most of all it will give the able body models a little idea how it feels to be disabled as they have to work as a team to walk the runway.
The fashion show is not only about fashion but dancing and music but the disabled will be the main focus. The whole concept of this show will be to create awareness of the disabled as well as to raise funds for charity.
Grant Oosthuyzen is hoping to do this show once a year to give the disabled a night out where they can dress up and just enjoy a night of being in the spotlight.
It takes a lot to put on an event of this caliber, so if you would like to be a part of the team please email him at and we will always find something for you to do, even if it is keeping the disabled company.