GMO funding able the disabled to get out of their rehabilitation centers and Homes.

All the funding goes to GMO photography to help the disabled to get out and do more for example if there is a tournament or a workshop we will pay for the transport. Also it takes a lot of helpers to do every event that the disabled attend and these helpers need to be paid therefore GMO pays for these people to come out and help.

Sometimes GMO pay to take the disabled out for a day and make some arts and crafts with them and teach them to market their inventions.

GMO also pay sports development that consists of Boccia. These activity encourage his athletes to become competition strong. GMO pay for tournaments on different occasions for his players to get used to competition environments and train them weekly.

To raise funds we do fashion shows with the disabled, promotions days and charity events to promote disability in the community.

The GMO team does this after working hours or on days off and doesn’t get anything out of it just to see the joy on the disabled faces

This year we are really grateful to have sponsorships from Build it, Knowles, Westville Spar, Unlimited Watches, KR Motors, ICS, Zinge Afrika, Wayahead Salon, Airplane rides from Branden Adams, Sweet and Biscuits and QASA.

Unfortunately after all these generous donations we still have a outstanding amount short, therefore we ask anyone who is interested in donating to please email Grant if you need any other information on